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USC Dornsife/LA Times Poll on Proposals to Reduce Prison Overcrowding

A 2013 USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll conducted September 18-24, 2013, surveyed California voters’ opinions on proposals to reduce prison overcrowding.

Table 1

Source: USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times, 2013

According to the sample:

  • Latinos overwhelmingly favored measures to reduce sentences (75 percent), use county custody instead of state prisons (75 percent), provide more rehabilitation for offenders (65 percent), and allow them to participate in early release programs (62 percent). While black respondents tended to favor these proposals more than other racial or ethnic groups, Hispanics generally fell in line with support from whites and Asians (see table 1).
  • A majority of Latinos opposed adding private prisons (55 percent, compared with 43 percent of whites and 53 percent of Asians) or building more prisons (52 percent, compared with 57 percent of whites and 60 percent of Asians) to reduce overcrowding. For both proposals, 56 percent of blacks disapproved (USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times, 2013).

Find the press release here.

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